Most Played Crypto Games of 2021

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As cryptocurrencies are so popular and use incredible blockchain technology, the gaming industry is also not behind in this technology. Many crypto games are getting very popular these days. A new play-to-earn genre is booming. The general idea is to create genuinely unique NFT based assets in games that have some real-world value. Without further delay, let’s get to know the top-rated crypto games in the market.

Axie Infinity – Pet Simulator

Our first pick is Axie Infinity. It is currently the most popular NFT based online game, which uses Ethereum based gaming cryptocurrencies called AXS crypto and SLP. Currently, it’s the most expensive NFTs collection, with more than 42 million dollars in sales in June 2021. It uses play to earn, which is on fire these days. Players in this game earn cryptocurrency tokens that they can trade on decentralized exchanges for real cash. In Axie Infinity, players own cute animals called Axies. Each Axie is an NFT, which means it is a individual digital collectible. Players can breed and battle axes as well as complete quest and farm resources. They can also use their in-game tokens to buy lands, farms, or breed Axies. Revenue comes from in-game purchases. Axie devs take some fees for breeding and selling. But what’s remarkable is that 95% of the revenue goes back to the players, which is why so many players are investing in Axie market. 

Six Dragons – Open World, RPG

Next comes the Six Dragons. A feature-rich fantasy open-world RPG inspired by some of the greatest titles. The game features a 256 square km big open world with the freedom to do many things. In this game, you are free to go where ever you want to explore from the start. Players can travel endless lands, farm for precious materials, craft 300 plus unique items, and trade with other players while improving their arsenal. The game claims around one billion dungeons and crafting items that you really own using blockchain technology and participating in a player-owned decentralized economy with real-world values. The game is all about crafting. There are 300 plus recipes available for blacksmiths, including weapons, armor parts, and jewels farm for materials. Win battles to receive essential ingredients and go straight to the nearest crafting station. The created profound valuable items stored as NFTs, which you can then sell and trade for real money.

Crypto Kitties – Pet Simulator

This crypto games was one of the earliest blockchain games invented and still going very strong. The game allows users to breed and gather virtual kittens on the Ethereum blockchain. For those who want to compare this game with Axie Infinity, Crypto Kittiesemains extremely popular, hitting thirty thousand dollars in daily sales. fter building their collections, players can go to kitty verse to compete in catfights, solve puzzles, and more. This game is the best place to start if you want to get introduced to the power of smart contracts and crypto tokens and to know how crazy people are about them. There have been similar virtual pet games before, but the idea of true ownership of a cat that can never be destroyed, copied, or stolen is very appealing to players within months of release; a Kitte had already sold for 100 thousand dollars. Much recently, another kitty is auctioned for a staggering amount of 140,000 dollars.

Gods Unchained – Trading Cards

This game is another excellent blockchain-based trading card game where players can win cryptos. The game is led by the former game maker of the classic Magic-Gathering Arena. The Ethereum based game lets players collect digital cards and fight with other players. Players are needed to use a deck of cards to battle with other players in competitive online games. These cards have attacking, supporting or defensive powers. There’s a serious strategy involved here. Every player has access to some standard cards, but these are not tokenized. However, by leveling up, their account players will receive card packs. In these packs, they will find cards that are collected in their blockchain wallet. Sot, they can sell these rewards on the open marketplace. Of course, you will first need to sell these cards to make real money from them. The company already made about 4 million dollars in revenue by selling a massive four million collecting cards.

Town Star – Farm Simulator

Town Star is a farming game built upon Gala blockchain and created by the people behind Zynga’s top-rated game FarmVille. This game is a more improved and fun version of it. They build the game on Gala’s network, which utilizes the Etherum blockchain. Players need to grow crops, collect resources and create materials to build more buildings. As a result, a tiny farm can grow into a town full of activity. The exciting thing about town star is that the game is very competitive. Each round typically takes seven days, which means that players have one week to optimize their farm and earn the most points. After that, only the top players receive rewards. These rewards usually are gala tokens. Even though they’ve had some alternative prizes, these gala tokens have real value and can be used to buy NFTs. NFT buildings can help players to collect more resources or otherwise enhance their production flow.



And that concludes our list of best crypto games to play and earn right now.   

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